The Artist as Citizen

Revised Edition

Series: Amadeus
Publisher: Amadeus Press
Format: Hardcover
Author: Joseph W. Polisi

The Artist as Citizen is a compilation of Joseph W. Polisi's articles and speeches from his more than three-decade tenure as president of the Juilliard School. Ranging from inspirational to humorous to political, his writings focus on the role of the performing artist as a leader and communicator of human values.

The collection provides an insider's view of the state of the performing arts and performing arts education in our society. Much needs to be accomplished to keep the classical performing arts alive for future generations, and Polisi, world-renowned in his field of performing arts education, guides the way. He also addresses the important role that Juilliard plays in the workings of Lincoln Center in New York City and the politics and personalities involved in governing the world's greatest performing arts center.

This inspiring, incisive, and entertaining book has been updated with several new speeches and extensively revised chapters. It is a must-read for educators, performers, and anyone who cares about the future of the performing arts in America.

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212 pages

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