Acting Solo

Roadmap to Success

Series: Book
Publisher: Limelight Editions
Format: Softcover
Author: Bruce Miller

If you've ever seen Tootsie, starring Dustin Hoffman, then you know that the movie hits home again and again about the difficulties involved in making a career as an actor. The plot unfolds around the much-lamented fact that acting is the only art form in which one cannot practice one's craft without having a job. While this is true, actors can, and should, be working on many aspects of their craft even if they are working alone.

Acting Solo focuses on the things an actor can, and much of the time should, do solo. Analysis, memorization, learning how to take criticism, and finding the courage and persistence to move forward are all essential parts of an actor's craft. Acting Solo addresses these and other issues facing actors with specific details on how to deal with these concerns. Acting Solo is a straightforward guide with useful information to help you master your craft, including chapters on monologues, preparing to sing for the stage, memorization, playing Shakespeare, and thinking critically.

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