Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars

An Identification Guide for American Fretted Instruments

First Pocket Guide Edition

Series: Book
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Format: Softcover
Authors: George Gruhn, Walter Carter

You walk into a local vintage guitar shop. You see what you think is the exact vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar you've been looking for the past seven years. Is it really true? Have you actually found it? How can you know for sure? You don't have your dependable Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars updated and expanded edition with you because it's too big to carry around! And right when you most need it, too! You don't ever have to miss an opportunity like this again, because now, for the first time, Backbeat Books presents the unabridged Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars Pocket Edition. Made in the classic model of traditional pocket field guides, this book contains all the valuable up-to-date information found in the standard edition, but is designed to be the ultimate user-friendly collector's companion, easy to carry anywhere.

• Small size book that fits in your gig bag or pocket but is easy to read

• Contains all the same information that the full size edition has, including all photos

• Lightweight paper that's durable and reproduces the book's photos well and a textured, soft leatherette cover make this the perfect compliment to your full size “home” edition

$24.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 00332957
ISBN: 9780879309800
UPC: 884088476311
Width: 6.0"
Length: 9.0"
650 pages

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